Trip to Bebek Sinjay, Madura


Sinjay duck, it is right on the highway Ketengan no. 45 Bangkalan. If you choose the path of the longest bridge towards town Bangkalan or turn left after exiting the longest bridge, about 13 KM. Major signpost on the left reads the Special Warung Nasi Bebek Sinjay. Come in and be prepared to queue …
looks yummy ?
One girl seemed to enjoy duck rice. Good? Yeah, there’s no word, just eat, and eat.
The famous, Sinjay duck rice
The branding, only open at Madura Island
waiting line, 1 hours
Prepare yourself for standingat least 1 hour or more. Bring gadgets to the make your self entertained, ;p
Grandma wanna eat  duck ?
Grandma ate duck rice. Cholesterol is not safe?
Bebek sinjay
Delicious or not ? You decide it
We patiently We smoothly

Cute sticker on the board till

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